Carpentry & Coding: Wait, what?

Just look at the woodworking quality…, all made from junk.
I didn’t take a picture at the junkyard and instead took this picture at home where we have scrap wood🤣
Choosing the server that’s marked free*, because… budget.
Adding a drill bit in the drill without its fastener ( don’t do this! )
Inhaling the dust from the drilled concrete.

*For the love of god, don’t use these power tools like I did, without safety gear or training! These tools can kill you! Safety first!

My IDE auto-predicting what I would want to type ( helps me avoid tedious spelling mistakes )
My CI server doing my job for me. Thanks.
Super legit testing.
So graph. Much wow.

The rush you get when an engineering project actually works… is out of this world.
- All engineers.



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