Crashing a wedding because my flight got delayed

Alright, context setup!

Around November of 2019, I was in my hometown of Kathmandu — had a nice vacation there and it was time to go back to Pune, the city where I worked.


The airport looked completely normal from the outside, but once I entered the gate, I couldn’t help but notice the crowd. There were no automated self-help desks available, so everyone had to queue up and wait until their turn came to get their boarding pass.

Delhi Airport

We reached Delhi, but we haven’t landed yet…, we are still flying in circles with only 30 mins left until my next flight takes off.

Inside Delhi

To my surprise, 8 more people were in the same situation, and were given the same compensation — all of them were super relaxed. In fact, later on, I got to know that this was the 5th time that one of the passengers had got this compensation and that’s the exact reason why he chooses this itinerary every time — pretty clever. 🤣

Crashing the wedding!

Probably the part that you’ve been waiting for, and I click baited you into this, so, let’s go!

Delhi to Pune — and the end

Then the staff with the awesome mustache dropped my luggage off again till the gate, but this time — I had managed to scramble and find some tipping money; which he kindly refused… I wonder if he’s still disappointed in me till today. 🤣



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Samridh Tuladhar

Samridh Tuladhar


A computer engineer, with a passion for cheap, affordable & environmentally friendly automation and utter disdain for paperwork and waiting.