The accidental job — Pub Stories

Alright, let’s get started!

Let’s turn back our clocks to late 2017. I was in my 7th semester and if you have read my introspection article, you know that I couldn’t get a job for quite some time, but then I found the error of my ways and I landed 2 jobs one after another.

So, let’s go to the fest!

The fest was very well organized, unlike our government. There was lots of food and demos, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and still have contact with some talented people from the event to date.

Getting the job by accident

Multiple tents were set up for job offers so that companies could have their staff question some of the participants, and if they are good enough, invite them to an interview on the same day.

I got a mug and a notebook from the competition 🤣


Since they were the event coordinators, they had to stay behind for all the cleanup and post-event work, so I left the fest on my way home.



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Samridh Tuladhar

Samridh Tuladhar


A computer engineer, with a passion for cheap, affordable & environmentally friendly automation and utter disdain for paperwork and waiting.