My first confrontation with a virus — the pain of traveling

Alright, let’s get started!

In March 2015, I was in the first year of my college, and everything was going great. Until one night around 8 pm, suddenly… 💥!

the skies on my flight home 😳
Turkish airways plane skid on Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  1. Ditch a close friend to get back home.
  2. Had to reach college a week ago.
  3. A plane crashed and damaged the only runway in the country.
  4. Get caught with 2 bottles of deodorant.
  5. Needed to wait 18 more hours until the next flight.
  • go to the help desk? No, you can’t? Cool, where should I go next?
  • go the airline’s desk? No? Nobody’s in? Alright, back to the help desk I guess.
  • go the help desk, hmmm, nobody there? Alright, I’ll make a call, Please wait 5 mins, the personnel will reach there shortly.
  • go the airline's desk? oh? okay… I’ll make a call, please be patient.
  • hello? captain? Is anything left on the plane? Nope…
  • Is anything left in the baggage trailer? Nope…
  • Go to the help desk, bother the lady until she finally makes a call to a person, and repeat.
Me waiting, but in peace ✌



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Samridh Tuladhar

Samridh Tuladhar

A computer engineer, with a passion for cheap, affordable & environmentally friendly automation and utter disdain for paperwork and waiting.