Runaway maid subplot — The getaway — part 2

Alright, let’s get started!

After the childbirth fiasco, she came back and continued to keep working for us. There wasn’t any change in behavior or even anything noticeable.

  • she starts off her day working with us, to complete our morning chores
  • leaves for the day around 11 am, works outside in multiple places
  • comes back in the evening around 4 pm, where she helps us with our evening chores
  • stays with us for the night
  • and repeat.
Even I don’t have this much stuff for myself 🤣

Ending notes

Despite such a fiasco of an exit, we still have somewhat of a connection, and we’ve somewhat let go of what happened. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this story, I wanted to express how every hour things got more and more complicated until everything blew over. I sort of tried to represent it with longer and longer paragraphs as time went by in the story.



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Samridh Tuladhar

Samridh Tuladhar


A computer engineer, with a passion for cheap, affordable & environmentally friendly automation and utter disdain for paperwork and waiting.