Traveling — but in lockdown, part 1

Alright, let’s get started!

So, after staying in Pune for 3 full months with my brother, it was becoming clear that the lockdown isn’t going to open anytime soon, and if we had to leave; it has to be now. After all, my flatmates were paying a significant portion of my rent for me, and I didn’t want to be a burden on them. The travel date was set on 1st Sept 2020, and after managing the exit logistics of our flat, I made a travel plan, and it looked something like this.

The plan. 😎 ( This image loops, pls watch the whole thing )
  1. The first flight would take us from Pune to Banglore, starting at midnight, it would take about an hour.
  2. Wait 4 hours in the airport, get some food and try to get some sleep, and then take the next flight to Siliguri, this flight would take about 2.5 hrs.
  3. Get some water, find a taxi, and take a nice 20 mins drive to the eastern Nepali border, reach the border to be taken into the quarantine center.
  4. Dad’s contact at the quarantine center will let us go and also help us in booking a cab from the border to our hometown. This could take about 2 hrs.
  5. Drive till you reach home, make sure you have enough food supplies, eat dinner along the way, the whole drive would take about 8 hrs.
  6. Reach the valley pass around 8 pm, hopefully, and if you are lucky, the hard lockdown ends at 9 pm, enter the valley, you can be asleep by 10.
  7. Even if I’m late by a few hours, it doesn’t matter, the hard lockdown doesn’t restart until 9 am, so there is a 12-hour window — manageable.
  8. 😁

Pune to Banglore

Although my flat was only a 15 mins drive from the airport, and the flight was scheduled at 12 am, I was worried that there could be delays in the airport because of the extra restrictions, so I decided to leave my flat around 8 pm.

Banglore Airport to Siliguri

We landed in Banglore and made the only good decision in the whole trip, we decided to have some food before moving ahead, so, after a delicious pizza, we went to the gate where we had our next flight, and unfortunately, this time there was a crowd. We tried to get some sleep, but unfortunately, we couldn’t get any.

My brother, all armored up 😎

Siliguri to Nepal Border

After that delay, we were in a rush, so we forgot to buy water, and decided to skip eating as we thought that both of them would be easily available in Nepal. So we got in a cab immediately and went towards our destination, it was a smooth 20 mins drive, and we were dropped off at the border.

That’s right, a simple, mucky, grassy field.
The best shady tent available, where the puddle is inside the tent ( with mosquitos in them )

Ending notes

As you might have already guessed, this isn’t the end, we have just reached the Nepal border, and a lot of the journey is still pending, but this article is already too long, and it will be continued in the next part.

Hmm, what’s that? A shady car? Fog? What’s going on?



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