When socks meet silicon

Samridh Tuladhar
2 min readMay 31, 2023

In August of 2019, in the rainy city of Mangalore, I was sent for software engineering training. The rain there was so heavy that it would physically hurt to stand outside in the rain. During one such rainy day, I figured out a way to combine the power of silicon with the comfort of my socks.

Let’s get started!

The training center, knowing about the rain, had left umbrellas everywhere for public use. But destiny had other plans for me that day.

Picture this: after lunch, the sky decided to have a serious downpour. And even though with those large umbrellas, there I was, my poor socks completely soaked. I couldn’t bear the thought of enduring the rest of the day in this sorry state, never mind focusing on the class.

Hard times breed better men

In a moment of desperation, a brilliant idea struck me. You know those big computers we were given for training? They had fans inside to keep them cool. Well, I thought, why not use those fans to dry my socks? It sounded silly, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

With a big smile, I started typing away like a mad scientist. I deliberately wrote code that was super slow and inefficient. Why, you ask? Because that made the computer work harder, and in turn, made the fans blow hot air like hairdryers. I made ten copies of this crazy code and unleashed the full power of the computer on my poor, drenched socks.

As the fans spun faster and faster, something funny happened. My friends, sitting nearby, noticed the strange noises coming from my computer. And when they saw that I was sitting there with bare feet, they couldn’t help but laugh and be impressed by my unconventional solution. It was a sight that evoked both disgust and admiration, but mostly laughter.

Unfortunately, every adventure has its consequences. As my socks became dry, my computer started making weird noises. Worried about getting into trouble, I quickly unplugged it, narrowly escaping the wrath of our teacher.

And yes, the socks were dry enough to be worn with comfort. 😁


Through this wacky tale, note that engineering isn’t just about following strict rules, formulas, and boring numbers. It’s about being creative and finding unique solutions to problems, even if they seem silly at first. So, my friends, remember to let your imagination run wild and think outside the box. Who knows, you might just find yourself saving the day with the most unexpected ideas!

Samridh Tuladhar ( @tsamridh86 )



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