Runaway maid subplot — The pregnancy — part 3

Samridh Tuladhar
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Continuing the saga of our maid who ran away from us, without being the main character of the storyline.

Quick context setup

If you haven’t already read part 1 and part 2 — you should; without those, you won’t have an attachment to the character as much as you’d need to go on with this story. But, if you are too busy here is a 2 liner summary:

She was present during a child delivery in a remote village, under very poor conditions, then she ran away from our home mid-work to get married.

Part 2 left us in February 2021, after which she used to come to our home once a month to help us with our chores but she didn’t come to work in September and October, as we have huge festivals, Dashain (Dushera) and Tihar ( Diwali ).

Alright, let’s get started!

Joining us back in early November 2021, she came back to work with full power, she did a lot of work on that day.

A little bit of back story, she used to stay with us because we had paid for her education, and educate her we did, she was halfway into completing class 12 when she ran away. I had considered that chapter of our lives closed, as she left on her own, knowing that she would be leaving her education incomplete.

However, my parents were not satisfied, they wanted to close the chapter on her in their way - they wanted her to get a good job. After which they would not interfere anymore.

So, after her tasks were complete, she was sitting with us — watching TV and having some snacks; then my father started the conversation about people in his contacts who can give her a job as an assistant, with so and so expected salary range, while my mom was telling her that jobs like this will let her understand how offices work, and help her build a career and bring in a stable paycheck, as they found out her husband doesn’t have a solid job.

That’s when she said,

Thank you so much for these offers, but I'm pregnant.”


My parents were in shock, my brother was mildly surprised, but me being the insensitive person that I was, I burst out laughing.

After the 30 seconds of impulsive actions were done and our senses were back. My mom, as usual, started to talk loudly while we were trying to calm her down. She asked,

How long has it been?
5 months.
5 months!?! Are you serious? Why didn’t you tell us before? We made you do so much work today! We would have given you the day off or hired someone else! You didn’t have to do all that!

She claimed that she was fine, and nothing she could not handle. However, after refusing our job offers, we asked about the husband and their general family planning.

I’m not going to write it in a conversation format, but in summary, this is what had happened: After the end of the part 2 storyline, her husband sold his bike for around 80k NPR, and while she had asked us about how to open a bank account; apparently, her husband has completely spent that money without her knowledge on alcohol (for 6 months). TLDR, there was no plan.😂

We don’t know if she was ignorant or aware of it, but the money wasn’t there anymore. When we asked about regular checkups, she replied that the only checkup she did was when she vomited a lot during the past month, and that’s when they went to the hospital to realize that she was pregnant. 🤣

We advised her to go to the hospital again, to estimate her delivery date and if she needs more medical attention, to which she said, she doesn’t know if she can afford it with her husband’s spending spree, to which we assured that the government hospitals, although doesn’t provide the most premium service, at least give medical care at a very reasonable rate, and we would pay for it if required.

She left for the day, agreeing to visit the hospital tomorrow, and contacting us if she needed any help.

After she left, we were discussing what kind of mess she has managed to get herself into. To sum it up:

  1. Unplanned pregnancy.
  2. Husband’s uncontrollable spending spree.
  3. Left her education incomplete.
  4. Doesn’t have a stable income, and refused all the desk jobs that we offered.
  5. Had no idea that government hospitals were affordable.

Knowing that she was 5 months pregnant, and in need of cash, we gave her another easy job: Our aunt had an event in her house, and she needed an extra hand in the kitchen. This would be an ideal job, as for someone 5 months pregnant, a bit of cooking and dishwashing isn’t going to be a difficult task.

We told our aunt about the circumstances, and while we agreed to add more money to her bill, she agreed to add more herself too, and called her and told her about the details of the work, which she agreed to.

Fast forward one week, nothing out of place had happened, and the events at our aunt’s house went pretty well, and my mom and aunt were talking about it on the phone.

Well, she told a completely different story to the aunt. Our aunt who already noticed at the first glance that she was pregnant, was told that she was 7 months pregnant instead of 5 months that she told us last week.

Now, I know I will never understand pregnancy like all the ladies in the world, but no one can go from a 5 months pregnancy stage to 7 months in 1 week. 🤣

My mom probed further, asking her if she said anything more; to which she told that her husband has moved back to the village and she went to the hospital on her own. 🤦‍♂️

While she told that she went to the hospital and got some medicine and injections, she did not tell anything about her reports, as she claimed to have forgotten everything on the paperwork which she didn’t bring along to work.

After more probing, we found out that the husband, who spent all the money he had on alcohol and moving back to the village, leaving his pregnant wife alone in the city to go to hospital and also doing everyday chores, took a loan from his friends to buy some goats, raised it for a week or so and then gave up and sold it for a loss. 🤣

As of today, on writing this article, the husband is back in the city, most likely jobless, with a wife that might be 5 or 7 months pregnant. Part 4 is going to come out soon, along with the new baby. Stay tuned. 🤣

Thank you so much for reading till the end.

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